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Pymerase System Requirements
Program Version Notes
Python >= 2.2.2 Python 2.2.1 and before don't include an XML parser which is able to handle the XML files that Pymerase uses.
PostgreSQL >= 7.2.x Currently the only supported database management system by Pymerase.
Apache (optional) >= 1.3.x Required for using Pymweb (Pymerase Web Interface), otherwise is optional


Debian Packages for Pymerase

Debian Package Required Debian Package Description
python2.2 Yes An interactive object-oriented scripting language (version 2.2) Version 2.2 of the interpretive, interactive object oriented language, includes an extensive class library with lots of goodies for network programming, system administration, sounds and graphics.
python2.2-pymerase Yes Pymerase helps construct object-relational bridges
* Pymerase provides a set of tools for constructing the glue code to serialize python objects into a relational database.
* It also has tools to create GUIs to interact with those objects as well.
pymerase-docs Yes  
python2.2-dev Yes Header files and a static library for Python (v2.2) Header files, a static library and development tools for building Python (v2.2) modules, extending the Python interpreter or embedding Python (v2.2) in applications. . Includes the python distutils, which were in a separate package up to version 1.5.2.
python2.2-egenix-mxdatetime Yes Date and time handling routines for Python 2.2 mxDateTime is an extension package that provides three new object types, DateTime, DateTimeDelta and RelativeDateTime, which let you store and handle date/time values in a much more natural way than by using ticks (seconds since 1.1.70 0:00 UTC; the encoding used by the time module).

You can add, subtract and even multiply instances, pickle and copy them and convert the results to strings, COM dates, ticks and some other more esoteric values. In addition, there are several convenient constructors and formatters at hand to greatly simplify dealing with dates and times in real-world applications.

In addition to providing an easy-to-use Python interface the package also exports a comfortable C API interface for other extensions to build upon. This is especially interesting for database applications which often have to deal with date/time values.
python2.2-xml Yes XML tools for Python (2.2.x) This is a set of tools for processing XML in Python. Among other things, it includes an improved parser, interfaces to external parsers, Python implementations of SAX, DOM and XPath, unicode support, and an architecture processor.
python2.2-xmlbase Yes XML support included in Python (v2.2) Base XML support included in Python (v2.2), providing DOM and SAX modules and a parser based on expat.
python2.2-ipython No Required for iPymerase to work.

Enhanced interactive python shell
* Provide an interactive interpreter superior to Python's default. IPython has many features for object introspection, shell access, and its own special command system for adding functionality when working interactively.

* Serve as an embeddable, ready to use interpreter for your own programs. IPython can be started with a single call from inside another program, providing access to the current namespace. This can be very useful both for debugging purposes and for situations where a blend of batch-processing and interactive exploration are needed.

* Offer a flexible framework which can be used as the base environment for other systems with Python as the underlying language. Specifically scientific environments like Mathematica, IDL and Mathcad inspired its design, but similar ideas can be useful in many fields.
SMW No Required by parseXMI

The System Modeling Workbench is a collection of tools to edit, store, analyze and verify models. It is based on the OMG MOF and UML standards and it is implemented using the Python programming language. SMW is a research tool. It is the test bed for our work on UML semantics, model transformation and model-based development. However, it is not a replacement for the existing UML tools.
apache No Required by Pymweb

Versatile, high-performance HTTP server The most popular server in the world, Apache features a modular design and supports dynamic selection of extension modules at runtime. Some of its strong points are its range of possible customization, dynamic adjustment of the number of server processes, and a whole range of available modules including many authentication mechanisms, server-parsed HTML, server-side includes, access control, CERN httpd metafiles emulation, proxy caching, etc. Apache also supports multiple virtual homing.
postgresql Yes Object-relational SQL database, descended from POSTGRES. PostgreSQL is an object-relational database, which supports a large part of SQL-92. It is under continuous development and each release implements more of the SQL standard, to the extent that it is now probably more compliant than many commercial databases. It also supports some object-oriented features. . As compared to MySQL, PostgreSQL is more fully featured - most importantly, PostgreSQL supports transactions on all tables, something which is essential to multi-user update of a database and referential integrity, which, equally, is essential to a reliable database. The trade-off is that it can be slower, though again, each release sees improvements in efficiency. For more information, see . . This package provides the backend features; you need postgresql-client or some other front-end to be able to access them. A package providing ident-server is needed if you want to authenticate remote connections with identd.


Pymerase Input Module Requirements

Input Module Required Python Modules
parseXMI SMW
parseGenexSchemaXML None

Pymerase Output Module Requirments

Output Module Python Module Requirements Other Requirements
CreateDBAPI Pygresql (pgdb), mxDatetime (mx.DateTime) PostgreSQL
CreateGraphvizUML None Graphviz (dot)
CreatePyTkDBWidgets CreateDBAPI, Tkinter (Standard package) None
CreatePyTkWidgets Tkinter (Standard package) None
CreatePythonAPI mxDatetime (mx.DateTime) None
CreateReport None None
CreateSQL None PostgreSQL
CreateTableXML None None
iPymerase None ipython

Last Modified: Wednesday, 28-May-2003 20:03:21 UTC