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Pymerase Docs - Pymweb Install

Pymerase Docs - Pymweb Install

Brandon King
Copyright ©  2003 California Institute of Technology

Version 0.1.3
May 29, 2003


    1.1  What is Pymweb?
    1.2  What are the requirements for using Pymweb?
    2.1  Download Pymweb
    2.2  Edit Pymweb Apache Settings
        2.2.1  Default Settings
        2.2.2  Limit to localhost and specific subnet
        2.2.3  Allow from all
    2.3  Install
    2.4  More Apache Configuration
Running Pymweb
    3.1  Web Browser
    3.2  Debuging

1  Notes

1.1  What is Pymweb?

Pymweb is a web interface for running Pymerase1 on the web.

1.2  What are the requirements for using Pymweb?

  • Apache Web Server -

  • Python2.2 -

  • Pymerase -

2  Installation

2.1  Download Pymweb

Pymweb, currently, is only accessable via CVS on Pymweb is found under the 'pymerase' CVS module in director called 'pymweb'. Please visit the download section of http://pymerase.sf.netfor more information on checking out CVS modules.

2.2  Edit Pymweb Apache Settings

You will need to edit pymweb/conf/pymweb.conf so that Apache will know who to give access to Pymweb. The default settings will limit access to the machine in which it's running. If you wish to change the access settings, below are some examples you can use.

2.2.1  Default Settings

Alias /pymweb /tmp/pymweb

<Location /pymweb>
  order deny,allow
  deny from all
  allow from
  Options Indexes MultiViews

2.2.2  Limit to localhost and specific subnet

Alias /pymweb /tmp/pymweb

<Location /pymweb>
  order deny,allow
  deny from all
  allow from
  allow from
  Options Indexes MultiViews

2.2.3  Allow from all

Alias /pymweb /tmp/pymweb

<Location /pymweb>
  order deny,allow
  allow from all
  Options Indexes MultiViews

2.3  Install

To install Pymweb, especially with the default settings, you will have to be running as root. Below is the command you would type to install on a Debian system.
python2.2 install

Other flavors of linux will probably work as well, but you may want to double check the default installation paths. The default install paths are as follows:
#Default (Debian) CGI installation path
CGI_PATH = '/usr/lib/cgi-bin/'

#Default (Debian) Apache WWW path
WWW_PATH = '/var/www/'

#Default (Debian) Apache Conf path
CONF_PATH = '/etc/apache/conf/'

To override any of these paths, you can type the following command:
python2.2 --cgiPath=/path/to/cgi/ --wwwPath=/path/to/www/ \
  --confPath=/path/to/conf/ install

2.4  More Apache Configuration

You will need to add the following line to the end of your Apache httpd.conf file located at /etc/apache/httpd.conf on Debian systems.
Include /etc/apache/conf/pymweb.conf

Once you have made the change, you will need to restart apache. You can do so by running the following command on a Debian system:
/etc/init.d/apache restart

3  Running Pymweb

3.1  Web Browser

Once you have Pymweb installed, just point your web browser to the machine in which you installed it on. In the case you installed it on your local machine, you would type http://localhost/pymweb.html to access the Pymweb form.

3.2  Debuging

Pymweb, as of version 0.1.15, displays debugging information in the web browser, which should make debugging much easier.
Note, that you can always goto '/tmp/pymweb/@sessionNumber/' and check on the files located in that directory. You may also wish to look at the Apache error logs located at '/var/log/apache/error.log'.
Please e-mail pymerase-devel at if you have and questions or need help debuging.



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On 29 May 2003, 19:48.
Last Modified: Thursday, 24-Apr-2003 19:11:46 UTC