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Object Oriented Query for Python DBAPI
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Support for DBAPIs for more Languages
More options for serialization
Better UML support
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About Pymerase
Why is it called 'Pymerase'?
Pymerase is the combination of 'Python', the primary language Pymerase is written in, and 'Polymerase'. Polymerase, in short, is a molecule which copies/converts DNA into RNA. We figured that Pymerase had similar functionality in that it took table.dtd XML (DNA) files and converted them into other things, such as SQL statements (RNA) which is then used to create a database (Protein).

Pymerase was originally designed and developed in the Caltech Wold Lab. The original purpose of pymerase was to generate a Python Database API for the GeneX Microarray Gene Expression Database. As development progressed Pymerase was made more generic to support other projects including Sigmoid and MAGE.

Diane Trout - Caltech: Wold Lab - Pymerase Lead Developer and Original Designer
Brandon King - Caltech: Wold Lab - Pymerase Co-Developer and Code Monkey

Contributors - Thank You!
Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz - Fix for Bug 788408 unable to commit twice

(Please e-mail pymerase-devel at lists.sourceforge.net if you would like to contribute to the Pymerase project)
Last Modified: Thursday, 18-Dec-2003 22:09:51 UTC